What the Awesome Pocket Was Part of


I am the very lucky owner of some fabulous children’s pattern design books passed to me by my mother. (It’s even more fabulous than it sounds – I have the actual pattern my mum made for me in a kids size 10, traced in my father’s handwriting. There’s something deeply satisfying about that. And the picture is only a fraction of them!) Amongst the collection is one published in 1984, translated from Japanese and titled “159 pieces; 4-10-year-olds. As each is in three sizes, all can fit children of any size.” It is filled with gorgeously Japanese cartoon pictures and small patterns to transfer to a life size version.

Although I have had them a couple of years, it is only recently my sewing confidence has expanded enough to tackle any real pattern drafting. This book seemed like a good start, as all the measurements, and some basic construction methods are there. Kinda. 😉

This is the story of my second attempt at something from this book – a shirt for my oldest. (I will get around to telling you the first eventually. )

Yesterday I posted a bit of a teaser on Facebook,  because I couldn’t hold in my excitement about it – and here it is again.


And today it is done!

The pattern drafting actually went fairly smoothly. You know, once I remembered the book doesn’t include seam allowances. At least I noticed before I started cutting! A bit of tacking on required for the shoulders I had placed hard against the top of the paper, but yep, fairly smoothly.


My biggest Boy loves space and rockets and planets, so I had to get this material when I saw it, even though I had no real plan to use it, so he helped choose the pattern. Of course, he chose a garment that looks deceptively simple but for which I had to learn a few new skills.  For example, that placket. Never made that before. And edging with bias as a tape, instead of binding. And making bias binding. I am pretty impressed with myself over making bias binding without a bias doodad. (I used the instructions here, very helpful, thanks Gabi!)

An early fitting revealed the arms needed opening up by a good three centimeters, but I hadn’t done the edging, so it wasn’t too hard a job to fix.

And although I am not entirely happy with the neckline, I am pretty impressed with the result anyway.


The next little boy has lined up for one too, so that’s an endorsement, isn’t it?  I am thinking he needs it in a cute monkey print! 😉


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