Allow me to show you nothing


Almost nothing.  Ahhh! For many years I have had a cot in my room.  My bedroom has not so much been my space as shared family space. Today we moved out the cot. My children will still come in, and welcomed, but now I could put my bedside drawers back bed side! And with a bit of declutter, I have almost nothing on it. 

Bittersweet, yes. But satisfying too.


What I do have is Big Ben. I made it a couple of years ago, after I was given the kit as a Christmas present. It makes me smile, combining as it does my loves of creating and exploring,  construction and geography. And something to make you smile when you get up seems like a perfect fit for the first thing you see each morning.

One day I may decide the emptiness is too much. At the moment I cherish it as there is still so much fullness elsewhere in the house. It seems like a nice way to catch my breath.


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