Creative spaces in my home: Part One

As you can tell from my last post, I have been busy rearranging the house. We have tried many different arrangements, both in this house and in other houses, trying to find ways to make it work. This space has been used to hold school-ish books for my children, as well as stationery and art supplies, but the books were under used and took up a lot of real estate for something we weren’t getting a lot of value in. I didn’t think the resources were bad, just that the children weren’t using them. They weren’t using them because my husband and I weren’t using them. They weren’t using them because they were not arranged in a way that made sense to them. I was arranging them by school subject areas, to make it easier on me to do reporting, but that wasn’t really how they used their resources.

After developing this blog, I was thinking about how best to utilise the very limited space we have, and about getting rid of the things in my life I don’t want to make room for the things and experiences I do. And it seemed to me that the themes that I return to again and again are a great way to organise my physical spaces. So here we are: categories as arbitrary as any other, but mine: Create, Explore, Discover!

Welcome to one of my Create areas!


In the place of the unused subjects went a collection of things that we do use. Instead of just the children’s resources and books, here went those I could use or did use too. This strategy of sharing spaces more was in part because I felt modelling was more important than separation, and partly because I really wanted to have a space I could find my things too. I wanted to be encouraged to work on things of meaning to me in the small spaces of time I have.

The items here are not the high mess variety – this is the everyday stuff I don’t really mind my preschooler getting into without assistance. (Well, mostly anyway.) There us room for basic stationery, as there always was, a selection of papers and pencils, markers and crayons. In addition I found a home for some books for inspiration, books about art and craft and writing, and some individual spaces to store plans or books we are working on.

It isn’t my all in one creative space. There is no room here for sewing or the acrylics or other ‘messy’ materials we tend to use outside, nor for woodwork, or any of the many other creative spaces we are working on developing for the family (look out for those as I develop them, but I am already looking forward to having a work space that well, kinda works. For now. 🙂


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