What’s inspiring me this week?

So the plan is for this to be a regular Friday feature. Regular because I want to remind myself frequently of what I am enjoying and the plans I have, and Friday because, let’s face it, I have more time on the weekend! Here I plan to share a list of things I am finding inspirational or interesting, things that make me want to create, explore and discover more. This week?


Travel ad magazines – free, cool pictures and daydream material. Perfect.

The fleece in the garage – the weather has been cold and the idea of sewing warm fuzzies for us all is very appealing. The children have grown too and need new warm pajamas.

Library book sales – need I say more?


The Nolli map of Rome – oh this is gorgeous! I was introduced to it at uni* and I have been admiring it since. I want to find a way to put a section of it on a t-shirt. My first idea was to paint it myself, but I think I wouldn’t be able to get the level of detail that I want. I don’t think a transfer is right either, I want it to be right to the seams. Still mulling this one over, given a depressing absence of a fabric digital printer in my study. 😉 on the front. I mean just look at this beauty! And that’s only part of it. This one, and more like it, can be found here. Seriously, look, it is so amazing.

And surprisingly this chaos incarnate –

Because I that’s where I am going to put my next center. Which shall I do first, discovery or exploring? There’s a fair overlap there, but I can’t fit everything for both there. Which shall I tackle first?

*Sadly I have decided to withdraw from uni. I just couldn’t make it work, especially given it wasn’t 100% my passion. I am making some plans though, hopefully something new will come out of this


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