Remember to be obsessed

A few weeks ago, a friend was looking for an obsessed friend to see a show with. A brilliant, fantastic show that I loved. But I  was hesitant to put my hand up because, well, I don’t do obsession well. As I said to her – Obsession requires energy, and I wasn’t sure I had any spare.

But luckily for me, she didn’t get any better offers and I got to go!

To Michael Palin!


And I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL evening! I was so amazing to see someone you have admired from afar, someone who almost doesn’t seem real, but there he is, standing there. And it is so clear that he loves what he does and how he does it. it’s humbling and amazing.

I found Michael Palin more through his travel documentaries than his other work – I know that’s sacrilegious, but its true – and I have to admit I am not always 100% familiar with his Monty Python TV work, more with the Python movies and more familiar again with the travels and maybe multiple watches of Fierce Creatures. I haven’t read all his books. As I said I don’t really do obsession.

But the amazing, wonderful thing I remembered after I watched all the travel documentaries I had in preparation for the show, after some of my friends obsession had rubbed off on me, after I had watched the show, after I came home and read the Pole To Pole book I had already bought and read part of before other duties called… after all that I remembered a secret that I had long ago forgotten.

Obsessions don’t TAKE energy, obsessions give you energy! Obsessions propel you through the day, give you light and laughter and refill your cup. Obsessions make life so much more fun and more meaningful.

Coming out of that theatre, I felt wonderful. I felt so full, so energised, alive and vibrant. And so now, I am obsessed. And happy. Now I need to find the right box set of books and movies. Follow the obsession, and damn it enjoy every minute of it!

Thanks to my wonderful friend for reminding me how much fun obsession can be. And I am still really sorry about fidgeting in my bag. *blush* I am very grateful. 🙂


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