100 Dream Weekends?

Something that hasn’t made enough of an appearance on this blog so far is the “exploration” tag. I love exploring, but it is part of my life that has kind of gone by the wayside a little with children, particularly children who actually don’t like driving. Or tents. Or walking. Which is pretty much my whole travel style in three words.

scan photo 29

Part of the idea behind starting this blog has been to work more exploring into my life but, like most things, it isn’t falling from the sky, and I need prodding to make it happen. Prodding came today in the form of my Feedly feed. (Have I mentioned I love RSS? So much better to have it all in one place without the algorithms deciding what I see!). There was an article about how travel improves your creativity. There were lots of interesting points in the article but I found it interesting that in terms of creativity, living in less than three countries, and living in a culture more similar to your own leads to the most creativity. Interesting, no? And definitely on topic for me! I can’t move to another country tomorrow, but I can do some smaller scale exploring! In the book What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam talks about weekends, and how easy it is to let weekends slip by, and not do the things that you would like to do during them, because you don’t plan them. To help combat this, she suggests the age-old idea of a bucket list, but longer.

When people try that in workshops, inevitably the first dreams people suggest are along the lines of “go and see the pyramids in Egypt.” By dream 100, however, you’ll be coming up with more everyday founts of joy, which tend to make excellent weekend… events.

I started a list a while ago and about 90% of it is places I want to explore, lol! But the idea is it gets updated regularly, so you keep adding new dreams and you do things off it, not shove it in a drawer and forget it! My problem seems to be inertia. I have trouble getting started, I think I’ll do it next weekend. I don’t. Enter you! I want to share some of my list. If it interests you, and you would like to join in, let me know, maybe we can team up and cross it off two lists at once. I’m not going to put everything up now, just a few at a time, just the easy-ish ones, and maybe I can build up some inertia in the other direction! A brief extract of my 100 dreams:

  1. Walk from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty
  2. Visit all these bookshops. I used to frequent Boffins regularly and it is awesome. Admittedly some of these aren’t exactly weekend material! But two are in SA, and I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet!
  3. The Sea to Summit walk, also information here. Might need to build up to that a bit 😉
  4. Read a list of Great Books. I haven’t figured out which list yet! 😉
  5. Drive to Melbourne, because I have never driven from one state to another!
  6. Cruise the Murray

What do I need to add, people? What have I talked about that I have forgotten? What do you have on your list?


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