Exploration of the Mount Barker Summit

35°03′58″S 138°55′16″E

The pictures that are on this post are about a year old, we have been before and I decided to use the pictures from that post to illustrate what I did this weekend. My phone, which I use for most of my pictures, has died. 😦 I am sad, and it accounts for the lack of posts lately. The last thing I did with it was snap the pictures for me Friday post on what has been inspiring me this week. And now it won’t turn on.


This weekend was rainy, but I did manage to take advantage of a few sunny patches to hike to the Mount Barker Summit with my youngest son. The hike to the summit from the car park is pretty easy going. At the top, there is one of those dials that tells you the direction and distance of local – and not so local – landmarks. The views over the Mount Lofty Ranges and the township of Mount Barker are always delightful. This time the vineyards were bright yellow squares, and everything had been washed clean.

But just in case going somewhere you have been before isn’t exploring, this time we actually found the circuit that goes around summit. It is about a forty minute walk, and has some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside that you can’t see from the summit. Parts of it a heavily wooded and we walked through a tunnel of trees. Other places were more open with lovely views of the countryside, Nairne and the Mount Barker Township.


There are some interesting photographs of the Mount Barker Summit in the Mount Barker Community Library’s Local History section, it would be great to be able to compare them on site. Now that could be a project!


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