Another day, another mountain

I crossed something off my list this week when the boys and I hiked from Waterfall Gully to the top of Mount Lofty. It is supposed to be a short walk of a few hours but, oh dear, it took us so very, very long. I think the children enjoyed it, but I Over the Mountain”? That would be me trying to motivate them…

The hike is a popular one with many fitness-y looking folk running up and down, and lots of people with weights and phones and things like that. Even though I went during a weekday, there was almost no parking and a steady stream of people going up and down. The biggest highlight was the boys making a mental list of the animals they had seen that they wanted to tell their Dad about. And although this area is a koala hotspot, we didn’t see any! We did, however see:

Many, many birds, and

imageA kangaroo, and my personal highlight…

imageAn echidna snuffling around, half buried in the leaf litter.

And thanks to my little explorers we got awfully close to this:


Another highlight for me was the lovely, patient waiter at the cafe at the top who was so kind to myself and my children. Thank you!

I love climbing mountains. Maybe it’s because I come from the sand flats! Okay maybe it’s not quite hiking in Canada, whereI just stopped and stared at the incomprehensibility of  the mountains going off forever, but it there is something satisfying about reaching the top of something

Which reminds me, I headed to the Stirling Range in WA a few times in my twenties and I always swore from the top of Bluff Knoll that I was going to climb Toolbrunup Peak and I didn’t get there. Damn, cross one mountain off, add another. 🙂


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