What’s inspiring me this week

Gosh, it’s been a busy week. We’ve had a couple of Drs appointments and climbed two mountains. We played at the museum, we made shelters in the front yard and collected a LOT of acorns. I crossed off one thing off my list and I added a few more. So what have I found inspiring?

  • I have been reading City Limits: Why Australia’s cities are broken and how we can fix them by Jane-Frances Kelly and Paul Donegan, I have been pondering the impact of cities on my own life. It is fair to say housing prices and transport issues have had a huge impact on the course of my life, and it is somewhat validating to hear that we are not alone. More on that in a future post.
  • I have been very busy reading as I am also working my way though 168 Hours: You have more time than you think by Laura Vanderkam, and quite enjoying it, getting a lot of out of it. I like the key idea of focusing as much time and energy as you can on consciously chosen activities, I think that is a really meaningful way to do things. She talks in that again about the list of 100 Dreams that I blogged about here, but it is expanded and has more details. Which leads to:
  • I have been working on my list. A great point in 168 Hours was to list things you have already achieved (obviously, things that you wanted to achieve!) and celebrate what you have achieved. I like that, so I have added a few things to my list, particularly my lovely husband and very cute children. Just so I can tick them off! I suppose you could find the concept quite frustrating, but I have been thinking about it along the lines of the another article I came across a while ago that has been on my mind this week:
  • Umberto Eco’s idea about unread books, and how valuable they are, as I came across it in this article. Which I am finding incredibly inspiring and maybe somewhat less healthy for my wallet and it gives me an excuse to buy lots of books. I would really encourage you to read it, it’s an interesting idea to carry around for a while. And I am thinking of my list of 100 dreams in a similar way, I suppose. A reminder that life is more full and more amazing than we can possibly DO.
  • The cold, chilly weather has been calling me. I made up a cute onsie pajamas for one of my boys in his favourite colour – green. He calls himself Leaf Man and runs through the house. I have a fuzzy rocket and planet material cut and ready to go for my oldest and a very furry red one for my youngest. I hope to have them sewn up this weekend because it is going to be cold and rainy.
  • And finally, for a dose of awe – Gotham City SF – Or San Francisco, as viewed with time lapse, in what City lab describes as

    The video seriously seems like the opening to a Ridley Scott movie in which a ruggedly handsome-but-tormented male protagonist defeats the villain and his inner demons by being a general badass.


    Tell me, what’s inspiring you this week?


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