What’s inspiring me this week?

A more calm week at home. I was really enjoying our home ed adventures as were were looking at some of the ancient peoples of the Middle East. We spent a bit of time playing some games regarding the developing of markets, and way that the Middle East was influenced by being at the junction of three continents. We talked a bit about the Silk Road – how could we not! We made some lovely spice cards, with the names and samples of different spices. I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do with them yet. I am trying to chase up some silk painting materials to make some silk scarves for the boys as they really enjoy waving them as part of their dancing, and I think home painted ones would be lovely.

Of course we did some mapping too.


And squeal! My Michael Palin DVDs arrived. Remember this post? This box and I have a date on the weekend. 😉



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