Even Unschoolers Can Get Homeschool Burnout

Oh I can relate to this, definitely! And I think it works even more so when their are other people to consider. As a parent, I love watching the joy on my children’s faces when they do something fun, something they love. And I want to feed that, I want it to be something they do more and more. The trouble is, all those things take time and energy. Sometimes we just don’t have that to spend. Somehow, saying no because of money is easier, but saying no because I am burnt out or lacking energy? Somehow that just doesn’t feel right. Saying no to something I want to do seems somehow more achievable.

But how, then, do you live a life of your own? And if you don’t live a life of your own, how can you be teaching your children to live a life?

Unschoolers – How do you balance that out?

Just Enough, and Nothing More

So where has Tammy been? She’s been doing too many things, that’s what.

This is a serious concern for us homeschoolin’ mamas who, in addition to educating our kids, have a life of our own. I suppose, this problem is true for every mama. However, with homeschooling, it’s even easier to spread ourselves too thin without even realizing we’re doing it.

The reason? We are in total control of our time. We have very few outward “have-tos” that we can blame our stress on. And if you’re at all like me, you like to fill your time with fun, interesting and challenging things, so we don’t have any real indication of when we are “free” and when we are “busy”. It all smooshes together and becomes one big mess of “I should do….”s.

There are so many great things to do in life, it can slowly build up, without even…

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