What’s inspiring me this week?

Hiking.  I am building up stamina for longer walks and so are my children.  After a decent amount of complaining,  they settled into walking with arms around each other and plotted what they were going to build in Minecraft.


Gorgeous Autumn Colours. They take my breath away every year, I am still not used to them. I grew up with so few tree that lost leaves, the sheer number of them, the colours, gosh, it’s amazing.


Rain.The creek is flowing again and it is lovely to hear it trickling over every time I open my back door. It’s a small moment but it cheers me up every day.


Fungi. seriously it it amazing to see the huge variety springing up about the place straight after the rain.

wpid-20150429_132454.jpgTraveling Virtually.  I am really enjoying my Michael Palin DVDs.


Chocolate. Especially the kind eaten alone after a long, trying day.

A Short History of the Highrise. I caught it on SBS but only recently got to watch it. My oldest noticed references to an interactive. You can dive down further into the content online, and if you are at all urban minded you will probably find this fascinating.  This has given me a few ideas for a project I want to undertake in the near future. So much fun!

My weekend is likely to be less productive this time as one of my children has a minor,  routine op planned. So probably no hiking for us! Maybe more sewing. I have a project that would be perfect! (I’m planning on view B, what do you think?)


Have a great weekend!


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