Mummy’s Little Helpers

I originally posted this story back in 2012,and it still rings true. Thanks again this year, all those wonderful women (and that one fabulous man) who support me in my parenting. Even though this blog is so much more less about parenthood than other blogs I have kept in the past, it still makes an amazing contribution to my life. It enriches my journey. It hold me accountable. And even though the last couple of years have been very challenging, I have learned so much about myself. Part of what has made it so tough has been loosing some of the support I mention below. It is hard to maintain links when life was so… whatever it was. But these people, they are still in my life, and still important, even though I don’t see as much of them as I would like to. May you all have a happy Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to thank the people who make the journey so much better.

Today I feel its time to acknowledge something we don’t mention enough. The wonderful people who help us be better Mummies. The communities without who I would be a blubbering mess (well, more often than I am, anyway). So here’s to Mummies Little Helpers who work behind the scenes to make me a better parent.

Here’s a glass of red to the co-parent who help me be the parent I want to be, and who picks up the slack when I give up. The one who mucks in with dirty nappies and discussing gravity, and gives us time out, so we can be a better Mummy.

Here’s a Raspberry Leaf Tea to the women who tell me that yes, sometimes it sucks, but it will pass. The ones I can answer honestly when they ask how my day has been. The ones who sympathise when I complain without suggesting school (or formula, or CIO, or whatever is flavour of the month) will fix it all. The ones who bring  meals and beads and positive affirmations.

Here’s a warm cup of coffee to the sleep deprived ones, who help me laugh when it all seems too much.

Here’s a glass of bubbly to the rare friend who doesn’t have children of her own, but listens to me blabber about mine like they are important to her too. And for the occasional close-to-child-free dinner.

Here’s a spot of tea to Mummys who swap book tips and cool excursion ideas.

Here’s a virtual *clink* to the online friends who can identify with my children’s weird idiosyncrasies, who remind me I aren’t crazy. Or making it up.

And last, but not least, a giant Kaluha bottle to the diamond friend who helped me clean a giant nappy explosion in the middle of the city, instead of just pretending she didn’t know me.

Being a mother is a hard work, but it’s just so much more bearable with all of you. A share of my chrysanthemums and chocolates belongs to my helpers.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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