Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel… and wind up in Callington

Callington, South Australia 35°07′S 139°03′E

Sometimes you have to just strap the kids in the car (being very grateful you have a car big enough that they don’t touch each other) and just DRIVE.

On our way out to the Mount Barker Summit last time I saw a gravel road called “Back Callington Rd” and I wondered if it did, indeed go to Callington. Today I figured I would find out. Once loaded in the car, with calming music playing, we followed the winding road through lovely rolling green hills. The children were quite taken with the lambs. We relaxed a bit, and started chatting.

(I was asked an interesting question: why is it called “the countryside?”)


We went through a tiny tunnel under the Freeway then out past some fairly hairy driving gullies and a great view of Kanmantoo Mine, into… yes! Callington!

Callington has an interesting history, being a mining town in an area where non-SA people are unlikely to associate with mining. It is still a tiny town, Wikipedia puts it at just under 400 people, but the Kanmantoo mine is still in operation, as are a few mines in the area. We had a lovely play in a surprisingly good playground at the Bremer Callington Cricket Club, just past the school on Callington Road. We didn’t use them, but the BBQ’s looked pretty good for a lunch stop too.


We hadn’t bought food with us and it was getting late and clod so we didn’t get to explore much else, although the bridge looked like it might be worth a wander, and there is a heritage trail available. On the way out of town towards the freeway – conventionally – we had to stop and inspect the windmills. This quirky collection of farm ‘stuff’ that has been creatively upcycled into working windmills and placed along side the road. Whirling about, they captivated my little ones. I have been looking for information about these windmills, delightful contraptions they are, and obviously someone’s labour of love, but I haven’t been able to find a lot yet. They are on the main road (called East Road) into Callington from the freeway ramp, if you would like to have a look yourself. Pick a windy day, and bring some snags!


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