What’s inspiring me this week?

The crisp air and foggy mornings have really settled in now and less and less trees in the yard have leaves. Despite a head cold settling into the family and (staying, grrrr, sniff), we had lots of inspiration this week.

Mother’s Day last weekend was a lovely day for me. Nothing like a bit of commercial appreciation to make you feel really grateful for the lovely people in your life. I did already post about that, but I wanted to boast again because I felt truly spoilt this year!

imageFinding networks has been on my mind as I am in the process of joining the Institute of Australian Geographers. Geography, specifically human geography, is a real passion for me and after effectively having maternity leave, I really want to get back into things, finding out about what is happening in the discipline and getting all inspired again. I know I need to do further study, honours or Masters or something, but I want to take some time to figure out the best course for what I want to do. I  would love to go to their conference. I am still hoping that might happen, just looking at a few irons in the fire.

Books are always on my mind. I haven’t finished all the books I got for my birthday yet, but I do have one on my shopping list: Insider’s Guide to Careers in Urban Planning. I wish I could borrow it from the library as I have no idea how relevant it will be for Australia, but it’s a touch too specialist so I guess I’ll have to just bear it. I have finished 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam, although there are a few ideas I want to revisit there, ideas I am sure will make a reappearance. I have started Jane Jacobs classic in Urban Planning titled The Death and Life of Great American Cities. I am planning to revisit some of those concepts in a future post or two.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are back, and once again I am swooning over the clothes and the decor, while completely head-over-heels with the sassiness and spark of Miss Fisher herself. I am seriously considering a trip to Melbourne to visit the exhibition, which just sounds completely swoon-worthy!

Thanks to the head cold, I have worked my way through a chunk of Michael Palin, having watched his Great Railway Journeys, Around the World in 80 Days and  Pole to Pole. I am just starting Full Circle, which somehow I can’t believe I have never seen!

In a fit of terrible judgement I joined the Worldschoolers group on Facebook, Oh my, now I am doomed to be endlessly inspired into wanderlust by their posts! 😛

Creating ecosystem mats for our plastic animals is a huge hit today, with a long storyline behind the placement of each animal. So cute!



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