You mean I’m allowed to do that!?!?

In “168 Hours”, Laura Vanderkam talks about how if want to live the life you want to live, to not run out of time for things you want to do, then you need to choose a few leisure activities, and make sure you schedule times for them. (Which when you think about it is kind of obvious but doesn’t work out that way) But for me the revolutionary point she made was that to live a good, productive life you committed to them, you made time for them, you got any requisite equipment to be able to do the best of it, and you spent enough money and time on it to make sure you got the most out of your leisure time.

Wait, what?

You mean I’m allowed to do that?!?!

I don’t have to be amazing at something before it’s OK for me to spend money and energy and time on it? It doesn’t have to be something someone else wants too? It can just be because I want to do it?

See, revolutionary!

And based on some coffees and cakes and other assorted laughterfests women’s networking meetings, I don’t think I am the only one who finds that revolutionary. How does the idea that spending money and time on something we enjoy simply in order to maximise our enjoyment become REVOLUTIONARY?

Synchronicity is a pretty amazing thing, and a few days later I came across this fabulous video from Marie Forleo.

I loved that idea! I loved that they talked about doing it for a hobby, not just for work. I loved that the idea of investment in yourself.

See, all these ideas about how to live a rich, wonderful life, they all fall in together. They might be expressed in slightly different ways, have a different angle, but it all converges.

Yes, it’s a kind of first world issue. There has to be money that you don’t need for basic necessities, I completely acknowledge that. But I also think it is an issue of self worth, valuing yourself, your own passion and your own joy. Of allowing yourself to give what you can towards something you find meaningful. I consider myself close to an unschooler, I should know this! But…

You mean I am allowed to do that!?!?

I went out and bought new sneakers to replace my holey ones, so I can bush walk more easily. They weren’t expensive, or fancy, they were just whole! What time or equipment do you need to commit to your leisure activity?


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