Flying through the Riverland

Last weekend my eldest son and I went on a camp through Scouts. I didn’t notice it driving out, as it was dark, but driving back I could clearly see the way the land changes from the wet, green Adelaide hills, slowly becomes stonier and stonier, then drops into the flat, brown and ochre dry plain, and fills with scrubby trees and wombats!

DSCN0076Although my boy loved firing off rockets and making balsa wood model gliders, the highlight of the trip was watching my not-so-little boy trying his hand at Gliding. He was so proud of himself (and I was pretty proud of him too!) It’s an incredible opportunity and one he thoroughly enjoyed. These Gliders are motorised to take off, climbing to the right altitude and then cut the engine, and glide to the ground. On the way down, the Cubs got to steer the glider (with a bit of help!) and, of course, take photos and videos.


We weren’t the only airbourne adventurers, either! Both mornings we were there we saw balloons heading off in the early morning stillness. Wish I’d had a champagne breakfast!


The main geographic feature is, of course, the Murray, called the River Murray here and the Murray River everywhere else. It is clearly a river which has been extensively ‘tamed’. This loch at Blanchetown is an attractive example. It is the first in a series of lochs designed to make the Murray navigable along its length. (You can read more about the lochs here.)

wpid-20150524_101348.jpgBut if you get into the air you can see a the wild side of the river, with its fascinating twists and turns and billabongs. (Thanks to my son for this picture!)

DSCN0044With only generator power and dorm sleeping, it wasn’t exactly Five-star. But the million stars? Well, it would have been lovely to get a decent shot of the gorgeous night skies that I managed to see in the bitterly cold nights. You’ll just have to imagine it with this scene.



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