Treasury Tunnels under Adelaide City

We took a tour of the old Treasury building as part of the About Time festival (South Australia’s history month). Of course the bit we really wanted to see was the tunnels underneath but first we had to look around the old building. It is now a pretty nice looking hotel, and while it was interesting to see, the children found it rather tedious, particularly as they had not slept that well the night before.

20150517_110834After the rest of the tour, we went into the tunnels. The tunnels in Adelaide are not extensive, but they still carry a particular magic, and it was interesting to explore all the holes, and dead ends and oddities. The children would have liked to spend less time in other places and more time in the tunnels. Alas, it wasn’t to be. The area is hired out sometimes for various events, and we had seen it before set up for an art exhibition. I was hoping to hear more about the tunnels and what on earth some parts of them were used for and I was a bit disappointed that I actually felt like I got a better look during the art exhibition. So my advice, look for an event in there, and have a wander around yourself.



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