Imposter Located

I didn’t write this, but gosh, it makes so much sense.

My chief dilemma in this homeschooling gig has always been how much I encourage children to follow their dreams, be open to the possibilities… and yet that is not what I am living and I worry that my example is speaking louder than my words.

I too have had rejections. Rejections for perfectly reasonable reasons, rejections that I still don’t understand. After a while, it’s hard not to take it personally. It’s hard not to think ‘they’ can all see your failing.

Tabitha – Thank you for sharing. I am grateful I am not alone.


If I’m so smart, then why is making friends so hard?

If I’m so smart, then why haven’t I been able to get a job since Grad School?

If I’m so smart, then why do I feel like a failure so often?

I did everything right. It was all so easy before I became an adult. The lines were all laid out and everything was perfectly presented with instructions.

1. Get good grades so you can go to college. Check. All I had to do was give the teacher what they wanted, even if it was boring or I knew it was stupid I did it anyway…most of the time. I wasn’t one of those gifted kids who had a hard time in school and I wasn’t one of the ones who got straight A’s either (because that only invited bullies and I was already strange enough). I knew just…

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