On smelling the roses and keepin’ busy

On my lovely trip to Cairns (still more photos to come!), I noticed two things. These two things seem contradictory at first glance, but they aren’t.

  1. I need to slow down and try to do one thing at a time.
  2. I really am much happier when I am busy. I need to do more

I have been repeating a mantra: Slow down and do more

So when I saw this video on Marie TV, I just had to share it.

I love it!

I love the idea that it is OK to have lots of things going on, lots of things you are excited by, lots of projects and things.

I also really love the two ways to be busy. I know I have been guilty of the scatty busy lately, and that’s the first one. It’s when you are reading and brushing your teeth, and having a conversation all at the same time and you look down and suddenly realise you are using the wrong toothbrush!

But for all that I am getting better at the more excited energised busy. The lots-of-things-happening-but-only-working-on-one thing in-any-one-moment busy.The keeping-my-brain-fed busy. The crossing-off-lots-of-things-off-my-list-and-having-lots-of-fun-busy. That kind of busy I need more of.


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