There has been a missing link in my sewing for along time. I can’t get the clothes to fit me well. I seem to do all right with stretch – it’s more forgiving – but just normal sewing had me beat. I would measure and plan and plot and still the fit would be wrong.

Until this weekend. I MADE A SKIRT PATTERN THAT ACTUALLY FIT! Whooop! I am very excited, especially as it is a basic skirt pattern I will be able to use with infinite variation. *Happy dance* I won’t post a picture of the fitting skirt because I made it out of an old bed sheet and I didn’t actually finish it. It’s my version of a tulle. Today I DID want to share my picture of the bits and pieces I am planning to make with my brand new sewing pattern. I am a recent convert to corduroy for winter wear, but I loved the colours and patterns in these samples, and I am really looking forward to being able to wear them. The pieces are all cut and ready to go. Now if I can just clear time for a date with my sewing machine.


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