Back to the chalkboard… err, whiteboard… err, I mean, smartboard

Most of you know that I have recently returned to paid, full time work in the education field. It’s the first time I have worked full time for a fairly long time so it has been quite and adjustment. Well some of it has. I mean there has been a fair bit of a change in the curriculum and introducing smartboards, but children themselves haven’t changed and neither have schools, really. There have been quite a few adjustments for simply returning to the paid workforce. And well, sometimes hard to have to work with rules when I have been able to do almost anything that was needed.

What I have learned about myself though… Well, that’s interesting. First and foremost, I learned I can do it. I actually can. I mean maybe it’s not ideal and maybe if I won lotto I wouldn’t wake up and do it every morning, but I can do it, I can work within the system and I can achieve goals and well, basically, I can do my job and that does make me feel pretty happy. It’s exciting! I’m not sure what that means for the future, or even if it means anything at all, but it does feel pretty good.


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