Getting back into things

Dinos are the next big thing at our place, so I set up this little land yesterday. I enjoy doing these,  and I love watching where their imagination takes them.


We have been taking out time to adapt to the new environment. The move was fairly traumatic, if I am honest, in the way everything worked out and we all needed some time to settle in. Of course, that means that it takes a while to get going again!

Pattern block starships

When we need to get started again, I tend to try two different strategies. Play, like above, and craft. So we have been doing a fair bit of craft too.

Making a seismograph

So what’s coming up in our home learning? I have been working on a collection of sketchbook prompts and I have a plan for a fun mural too. My kids are keen to get to some science experiments going.

What do you do when you need to get back into the swing of things?


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