What’s Inspiring Me This Month


Around and about:

April showers: They are  just lovely, aren’t they? I do love a good rainy day with books and blankets, and a good soup for dinner. Come August I am sure I’ll be tired of it and want some sun, but right now it’s just what my soul needs


The pool, beaches, lake and rivers: Oh, I can not get over how much water is here! I can’t imagine how crazy it would have felt if I had come here straight from the desert! I love that my view out the back is a lake, complete with water birds. I feel so at home with my feet in the water. Plus it has still been warm and the children are still enjoying a nice dip in the pool. I have been astonished at how much improvement their swimming has made. Honestly, I thought they would need lessons, but no, once again, They prove that kids do just learn things. Wow.


The sky in the morning: One of the amazing privileges of living here is that we have a fantastic view of the sunrise every morning. And the sky is so big! We can watch the clouds roll across the sky, build, shift… just beautiful.

Dreaming of Melbourne: I have trip coming up and I am really looking forward to it. We have been so busy, and I have had almost no time to myself lately. I am really looking forward to doing some work, feeding my brain, catching up with some friends and having some time to myself. I hope that like most trips away I will come back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to go again.

The garden is full of frogs, caterpillars and cocoons.

What’s been on the calendar:

Birthdays and passing time: I had a birthday recently and two of my children have ’round number’ birthdays coming up too. Nothing quite brings it all home like that, does it? It’s the difference between intellectually knowing that children will grow up, and really feeling it. Knowing that one day I will be redundant. I can feel a post stirring along those lines.

Easter and the chocolate dilemma: Reactions to fructose and glucose make Easter a tricky holiday in our house (Chocolate plays a huge role in Easter for many Australians). Our Easter Bunny thought he had found the BEST thing for hiding. Then we discovered, the hard way, that carob is high fructose. Argh!

Planning for Home Ed: A family meeting regarding home ed revealed that the kids were wanting me to leave more things for them to do. Well, for me, if I don’t plan it, it won’t get done. So I sat down for the first time in a good year to write a comprehensive plan, pulling in all the resources we will use and just generally thinking about what we are going to be looking at. (We’ve never religiously followed it, but if I plan, then we do something, even if not what we planned. No plan, not much happens. There’s a Big Bang, Spacey theme going on there.

What we are Creating:

Cool weather crafting: winter around the corner means wool craft for us. I’m not much of a knitter and I can’t crochet, but I like to give it a shot. I’m planning some felting activities for the kids. Pity we can’t visit our favourite felting, crafty, waldorf store anymore – Lucy at Head Heart Hands was always so lovely and she is missed.

Sketchbooks: After not doing a lot of creating for a while, it really is time I got back into that. I have a few books and a Lynda course planned. Tinkersketch is also a great source of ideas.

Fantastic Cities: I am really enjoying colouring this. I have done my own versions of San Fransisco, Rochinha Favela, and Habitat 67, and now I am working on Wasserberg, Bavaria.


What I’m Reading:

The Reading Challenge and Goodreads: While I have technically been signed on to Goodreads for a while, I haven’t actually done a lot with it. This month, I started putting my books in again. I also set myself a goal: to read 50 books this year. Old me would have thought that wasn’t much of a challenge, but new me has a lot of things to do. 😉 Anyway, it’s the first time I have ever actually tried to count the books I read, so in all honesty, I have no idea of what my baseline is. I don’t have many connections there yet, so if you are a reader, come and find me, I’d love to see you. This is my first foray into the world of ‘social book-sites’ so please tell me what you use too.

Himalaya by Michael Palin: Still obsessed. Also planning. 😉 Gosh, it’s stunning.

Neurotribes by Steve Silberman: Fascinating, heartbreaking reading. I’ve had to space it out, because… wow… the things people can do to other people. Worth it, though, it reminds me that holding onto your compassion is a radical, political act.

Long Way Down by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. A good story, even if I don’t actually get all the bike stuff.

The City in History by Lewis Mumford. Recommended both in my course outline and TED. Can’t go wrong with that!

What I’m watching

Death in Paradise: Death in Paradise is a traditional British style whodonnit, with a Caribbean flavour. I really find the location and the music really inspiring.

Himalaya with Michael Palin. Yep, told you. Obsessed.

Star Wars: My little ones are watching Star Wars for the first time. So adorable. And kinda dangerous when anything vaguely saber-like gets into their hands, but that’s not new! A lot of the interesting crafting and creation going on around here is Star Wars inspired: cardboard light sabers, lego droids, starships. It’s just wonderful.

What I’m listening to

Considering I haven’t found my CD’s yet, and we only have one semi-working CD player, I am enjoying a lot of music at the  moment. My weakness right now is for interesting lyrics and accoustic-y gentle melodies. Suits me right now.

Jack Johnson From Here to Now to You (the kids are loving Curious George too, synchronicity) I know, I am risking turning my children into radicals. #Sorrynotsorry about that. (Ok vent: Can someone please explain to me how the government has managed to make LEFT-wing radicalism the villain in work designed to combat a huge rise in RIGHT-wing radicalism worldwide? Makes no sense to me, but hey, maybe I’m just too radicalised. Or just thinking about stuff to much again. Oops!)


Bic Runga Birds. Bic Runga is new to me. It’s nice to find something new.

An essay on the effect of  neoliberalism on social housing in Australia. It’s really interesting the way ideas about welfare and the ownership of the means of production have changed the actual fabric of our cities. Pretty interesting stuff.

A blog post about momentum. That’s coming up soon.


That’s my month! What’s inspiring you at the moment?



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