I didn’t mean to be subversive. I didn’t mean to be weird or a wanderer either. It just kind of happened. See, I have this brain, and it keeps going, even when I ask it not to. It asks the questions. It makes things. It burns with curiosity. What’s around the corner? What’s over that hill? Why does that happen? Who made that? And the most dangerous question of all – Why do we always do it that way?

I was a normal child. Actually, no, I wasn’t. I was an odd kid.  But I have always tried to live by my principles. Although the expression of these have developed over the years, I have always tried to live with compassion, honesty, integrity, conviction, and meaning.

Unfortunately, this made me subversive. Oops.

I named this blog for the things I love to do, the things that nurture me and give my life meaning, and the things I want to share with the world.
Creativity – Crafting, sewing, writing, but also just messing about with life, cooking and decorating and just trying new things.
Exploration – Seeing new things, discovering what IS over that hill or around that corner.
Discovery – Finding out new stuff. Reading and thinking and experimenting.

I also post things I find inspiring or interesting, things that fire me up, just in case you find them inspiring too. So hang around, tell me what you’re doing, and maybe be a little bit subverted 😉 Welcome.


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